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Wood Floors for Any Room Type or Size

All that experience comes in handy when you’re choosing the materials to use in your home. With all the options available today when it comes to hardwood flooring, it can be confusing:

  • What color, grain pattern, grade, relative hardness, and visual characteristics of each wood species would work best?
  • Should you get harder woods if you have lots of household traffic or pets?
  • Should the flooring be solid or engineered?
  • With the humidity levels in the Midwest, what board width would gap less over time?

And all those considerations don’t even include the best color and texture to go with the rest of your decor. The role of flooring is more important than ever, since it is the room’s focal point and the element that sets the tone for the rest of the room. Vermillion Flooring, with its 150,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and showroom, features a large inventory of all the newest colors and textures in unfinished, prefinished, solid, and engineered flooring, in a setting that enables you to browse one of the largest and most diverse selections of wood flooring in stock.

With some of the flooring made on site, no job is too small or too large; Vermillion Flooring is equally adept at working with contractors building multiple houses, or individuals designing a 200-foot dining room.